Landscape Gardening Barrhead


Our services, at landscape gardening barrhead are completely bespoke. We offer a full landscape design service, we start with your ideas and add our knowledge and expertise to create garden spaces that have the wow facctor. You may also pick some of our more popular services like lawn mowing, hedge trimming, pond building, garden maintenence and garden clearance. We welcome domestic home owners as client as much as we welcome large corporate clients and all are equally important to us.

Whatever you want to achieve from your garden space, we are able to enable you to achieve your dreams. It could be a place to sit on warm sunny days, or it could be that you want to grow vegetables for you dinner table, or create a space for birds and insects to thrive or a pond to add your own live stock. We can advise on all of these things and provide the goods and services to make your garden dreams come true.

Lawn Mowing


Our extensive knowledge includes: How often you need to mow a lawn, how high you cut it and how to maintain a lawn mower to ensure that your lawn stays healthy and looks great. Whether your lawn is not in great shape at the moment and you would like us to give it some life, or whether you want us to keep it that way, this is something that you can trust us to do really well.


In summer, we may leave the clippings on the lawn to retain moisture, at other times the grass may be used for composting. We might add some brown material to prevent it becoming slimey.


We will also trim the edges to keep it looking tidy and beautiful

lawn mowing

Hedge Trimming

hedge trimming

Pond building

Adding a pond to you garden can attract birds frogs and beneficial insects. We can help to choose the spot to put your pond, so as to think about the view from all sides, and ensuring a bright spot, not in the shade of trees.

We can help you choose from lined and preformed pools, and choose the right size and type of pond for the kind of plants you want to grow and the wildlife you would like to live there.

Choosing the right tool for different size hedges is very important. We have all the tools for all sizes of hedges. We can tidy up functional hedge borders or even create something a little more artistic if you wish.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements, we offer a bespoke service, that could cover any aspect of our gardening skills and knowledge. You can just choose a couple of basic services to help you maintain your garden and keep it looking healthy and beautiful. Alternatively, we can take on a huge project, we have extra sub contractors available, so no job is too small or too big