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Welcome to landscape gardening Barrhead, we offer all types of garden services to local clients in Barrhead, East Renfrewshire and Glasgow. We welcome domestic clients at home, and corporate business clients too. Our services include: Lawn mowing, hedge trimming, pond building, garden maintenance, garden clearance, and a full landscape design service. Call us today on 0141389 6733 to discuss your requirements.

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Gardening Services

Whether you want basic gardening services like lawnmowing, digging, planting, or hedge trimming or you need something more elaborate designed, we are the company for you.



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Lawn Mowing

lawn mowing

Mowing a lawn in the correct way helps keep your lawn healthy. Clipping the crown, where grass leaves start, helps the plants become denser and branch out, this means that thousands of individual grass plants become a tightly woven lawn or turf. We never cut more than a third of the grass in any one mowing.

We don't just send the clippings to the dumps as that can be illegal.

They are valuable organic matter, containing lots of nitrogen and other nutrients. Leaving them on the lawn can reduce fertiliser use by 25%


pond building

Whether you are looking for neat and tidy hedges, or the full topiary effect we can create artist shapes or just well maintained smart boundaries.

Without trimming your hedges, they can very easily begin to lose their shape, regular pruning two or three times a year should help keep them under control. We suggest pruning lavender, fuchsia, roses and other plants early to mid spring. Forsythia, deutzia and berberis, which flower on old wood can be pruned when they fade.

hedge trimming

We can also design and build ponds that will become the perfect habitat for your chosen wildlife.

We offer liner based or preformed pools, we consider the view of your pond from every area of your garden.

We can provide advice on making your pond safe for little humans, small animals like hedgehogs and all aspects of livestock that we can provide for your pond. Tell us your ideas and we will add our expertise to create the perfect pond.

Hedge trimming

Full Landscaping design service

We can also provide a bespoke, custom design service, encorporating all aspects of garden components.

We work with your ideas and build on them with our extensive experience to design and build breath taking garden spaces, that will fit your budget.

We can undertake work for large corporate projects, or for private home owners, and we work equally hard for all types of client.

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